10 Things you should know about iPersonic


iPersonic is a personality system developed by psychologist Felicitas Heyne. She is best-selling book author and an International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Member of the German Psychological Association (BDP).


The free iPersonic Personality Test has been taken by more than 5.000.000 people in 180 countries worldwide.


It takes just five minutes to take the iPersonic Personality Test. No registration required. You will get immediate and accurate results.


The iPersonic Personality System is based on the typology of psychiatrist C. G. Jung. Jung found that one can reduce the endless appearing number of human characters down to a few organizing principles. In our system, these types are reinterpreted.


The iPersonic Personality System is a colour-coded system of 16 personality types - easy to understand yet very meaningful and plausible. Similar colour symbols stand for similar personality types.


Getting personalized career and life advice has never been easier. Our iPersonic Personality Profiles are tailored to your personality. You can download them immediately after taking our free personality test.


iPersonic has satisfied customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. Read what they have to say about our products.


Our Personality Profiles are backed by a world-class customer support and a Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. We believe in our products.


You can get free access to personal development articles written by Felicitas Heyne on our iPersonic Blog, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.
iPersonic will help you get unstuck and change your life. For the better. Guaranteed.