Individualistic Doer

As Individualistic Doer, you possess an impressive blend of creativity and determination. Self-confident and independent of the judgment of others, you go your own way - a pioneering spirit, a skilled craftsman and ingenious tinkerer who is always looking for new challenges to expand or, if possible, push your own boundaries.

Your irrepressible drive for self-actualization and autonomy is your greatest strength. You want to shape your life and your projects according to your own rules, free from the constraints of conventional expectations. Your leeway can't really be big enough for you. You want to do things as you see fit and not have others tell you how to do them. Titles and authority don't impress you in the slightest. You will only take advice from someone you believe to be competent.

Your direct, blunt manner can also get you into trouble in highly hierarchical environments. (Is it possible that you often got into trouble in school because you didn't want to learn something that you found completely superfluous?) In fact, you don't have a very good antennae for interpersonal relationships - but this doesn't bother you too much, because you're a bit of a loner anyway, and don't necessarily need a lot of social contact to feel comfortable. You prefer to do your own thing at your own pace. More than any other personality type, you are best characterized as a lone wolf.

When given your freedom, you are an uncomplicated, sociable contemporary. However, you always need action and a little thrill. You like to challenge fate - many people of your type enjoy risky hobbies of all kinds. In a crisis, you are at your best; you can grasp connections, make decisions and take the necessary steps at lightning speed. When things go predictably and according to plan, you quickly become bored and seek the next kick. This is why many people of your type work in professions where catastrophes are a daily occurrence, such as the emergency services or the fire brigade.

For you, a relationship is a nice addition to life, but you don't know the feeling that your existence would be incomplete without a partner. You need your personal space more than any other type. Compromising for another person in the long run is not an option! You also find it incredibly difficult to put your feelings into words. If you don't have to, you don't talk about what's going on inside, even with your partner. This independence can lead to deep satisfaction when you achieve your goals, but it can also lead to isolation if you become too self-absorbed.
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