Analytical Thinker

As Analytical Thinker you are characterized by deep introspection and a masterful understanding of complex systems. Curiosity is one of your strongest motivators. You seek to to understand what holds the world together at its core and do not really need much more to be happy, because you are a modest person.

You have an extraordinary capacity for abstraction and a legendary memory - you don't just process information, you literally dissect it. When a task really fascinates you - but only then! - you immerse yourself in it for long periods of time, thanks to you impressive powers of concentration. Your clever mind is in its element when you can unravel patterns, grasp principles and structures, and formulate hypotheses that reveal the essence of things. However, you are primarily interested in theoretical insights, not necessarily in translating these into practical actions or sharing your thoughts with others. The world of ideas is your true home, a place where you can wander through your palaces of thought, free from the banalities of everyday life, shifting paradigms and constantly creating something new. In a world that tends toward (pre)quick fixes, you are also a bastion of reason and considered judgment. There are many mathematicians, philosophers and scientists among your type.

You are quiet and reserved. In groups, you often feel like an outsider - not because you can't communicate with others, but because few can really keep up with your train of thought. Dealing with others, working in a team, and being in constant communication are generally not your thing anyway. You tend to keep a critical distance between yourself and others. Your challenge is therefore to build bridges that allow you to communicate your visions to the world without compromising the integrity of your thinking.

Above all, your partner must be an intellectual match for you. Your sharp mind, often bordering on genius, your originality and creativity need a counterpart who can inspire, challenge and appreciate them. Anyone who cannot follow you into your rich inner world is not a good companion for you. Although you have nothing against good looks in a partner, in the long run you are more likely to be captivated by cleverness, wit and humor than by model proportions. Mindless beauty bores you quickly, and you can't respect someone who doesn't see eye-to-eye with you. But with the right person, you can build a very intense, incredibly enriching and exciting relationship.
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