As Individualistic Doer, you possess an impressive blend of creativity and determination. Self-confident and independent of the judgment of others, you go your own way - a pioneering spirit, a skilled craftsman and ingenious tinkerer who is always looking for new challenges to expand or, if possible, push your own boundaries.

If you had to be characterized in one single word, it would probably be "independent." Hardly any other personality type is as free-spirited, nonconformist and individualistic as you. You should therefore find a work environment where rules and structures play a secondary role, where the hierarchies are flat, and where you won’t be limited to overly detailed projects and workflows. You're always looking for ways to be more free to act. You like to do things your own way, and you don't need others to tell you how to do things.

Titles and established authorities don't impress you much. If you think someone is competent, you're fine with occasionally listening to them. If they're not up to the task, there's no way you'll follow their orders just because they have a title like "department manager" on their door. Also, you believe in equal rights and would prefer that everyone has the same rights.

Deadlines and obligations are just as much a hassle for you as long-term planning. In strictly regulated and hierarchical environments, your direct manner can also get you into trouble. Not every boss is open to constructive criticism. Could it be that you got into trouble in school already because you didn't feel like learning something that you thought was irrelevant? It's pretty tough for you to just grit your teeth and put up with a bad situation just to avoid conflict. In less conservative and authoritarian workplaces, your input is therefore likely to be more appreciated than in rather traditional professional environments.

Self-employment is a great option for you. It lets you be your own boss and make your own decisions, which is a great way for you to feel free. Your appetite for risks and your resilience to crises, as well as your strong sense of responsibility and your great skills as a tactician actually make you a natural fit for this role. However, in this case it’s a good idea to have a few more level-headed colleagues around who can keep you in check if your calculations and ventures get a bit too reckless. You're the most daring of all 16 personality types and always ready to tempt fate - just the kind of person who jumps out of a plane and trusts that somewhere on the way down, they’ll find a parachute in the air.

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