About the iPersonic Personality Test

Our free personality test is extrapolated from a typology which was originally developed by the psychoanalyst Carl Gustaf Jung and later differentiated by Isabel Meyers and Katherine Briggs. This typology is based on different temperaments and attitudes respectively that are widely held to be hereditary. They take influence on our perceptions, thought process, feelings and behavior. This typology is based on four opposite pairs of personality dimensions. These are:
  • The Energy Dimension: Extraversion versus Introversion
  • The Information Dimension: Sensing versus Intuition
  • The Decision Dimension: Thinking versus Feeling
  • The Action Dimension: Perceiving versus Judging
Combining all possible characteristics of all dimensions results in a total of 16 iPersonic Personality Types that can be associated with certain characteristics, behavior patterns and preferences:

Of course, these are relatively basic categories which - just like all attempts to categorize – in the end of the day cannot reflect us human beings in our great individuality. These dimensions merely capture preferences, i.e. the manner in which we mostly prefer to deal with the world. In certain situations, however, it is entirely possible that we behave totally contradictorily. To a certain degree in the end all of us are “mixtures” of the 16 personality types – for instance, hardly anyone is a pure “Dreamy Idealist” or “Analytical Thinker”. Therefore, don’t overrate the test results – on the other hand they can indeed point to certain propensities and can be helpful in a variety of ways.

That is also the thought behind our iPersonic Personality Profiles: Those who know more about themselves can use this knowledge in order to live happier and more successfully, optimally exploit their potential, advance their personal development and learn to better deal with adversities. Therefore, as time goes on there will always be new iPersonic Personality Profiles which are going to deal with different aspects of your life and offer you tips on a variety of subjects tailored to your personality type. iPersonic is the attempt to make this knowledge available to as many people, as possible – tailor-made and at a reasonable cost. Those who are interested are also welcome to deal with other types than their own; however, due to our unique concept that is not necessary for those who may not have the time or inclination. You always have a choice regarding the format in which you choose to download the information for yourself, either efficient and to the point or covering a wider range if that is your preference.

In addition to your personal development iPersonic can also help you to meet other people with a personality type similar to yours. Psychological research has already established that we are much more comfortable in the company of like-minded people regardless whether this involves partners or friends. Meeting new people on the net is easy but after a while one often finds out that the fit is not all that we would have liked for it to be. We have an easier time communicating with people resembling us in their important characteristics, it is easier for us to communicate and frequently we have the same interests and a lot of fun together. In order to make it easier to recognize similar types at one glance we have developed a unique color-coding for the different personality types. With its help and that of our network partners you can not only use it to easily inform others about yourself as a person but also to separate like-minded from the great crowd out there. Who knows, you may even find the person of your dreams just a little faster!