Discover your Strengths

As you know, our 16 Personality Types are distinguished by totally different preferences, dislikes and naturally also different strengths (and development potential, but that is not our subject today). For instance, the “Thinkers” are outstanding analyzers who can handle abstract and complex subjects especially well and for whom even the most complicated problem solutions are a breeze. The “Idealists” usually possess a special creativity and a sparkling charisma that frequently make them into gifted artists and fascinating conversationalists. One can only envy the “Doers” for their inexhaustible energy and drive just as for their uncomplicated pragmatism that stands them in good stead during tumultuous times. And nobody has as much staying power and determination where his/her objectives are concerned as the “Realists” who are also blessed with a sound common sense. (You can determine your professional strengths in our free career test).
These are only some examples – the list can obviously be increased at will and gets more differentiated when not just the four primary groups but also each type is considered individually. In every day life we always tend to concentrate on our weaknesses and mistakes. We all too easily loose sight of our strengths. That is how we remember it from our childhood (unless you were really fortunate with your parents, of course!) and that is how we often deal with our partners, as well (or have you praised yours for something he or she has done yet today?). Of course, if one wants to change something or make sure not to repeat a mistake, it sometimes makes sense to deal with one’s weaknesses. On the other hand those who are constantly wearing deficit-oriented spectacles are going to end up having a problem with their self-esteem and sooner or later will lack a healthy self-confidence. And after all, those are important requirements for a happy life.

Since all of us here at iPersonic have taken the responsibility upon us to contribute to your happiness, we now have an exercise for you that is designed to help you look at yourself a little more affectionately and not through those grey tinted shades. You can obviously repeat it is as often as you like. It is not absolutely necessary to discover something new within yourself each time you do so – it is sufficient if it helps you manage to consciously make yourself aware of your very personal positive properties.

Sit erect and relaxed on a chair with your feet firmly on the ground, your hands on your upper thighs, your back against the backrest and your head relaxed and loose on your shoulders. Close your eyes and several times breathe slowly and consciously in and out.

Now return with your thoughts into the past. Remember situations in your life when you felt content, happy, good, self confident, competent, strong, and successful. If that does not work right away at the first time you try, think of how many things you have already learned in your life: walking, swimming, driving a car, riding a bike, writing, counting, cooking, using the internet … maybe then it becomes easier to remember a situation when you felt very competent and happy.

Now choose a situation that is particularly important and that appeals to you. Again very clearly visualize your personal contributions, how it made you feel strong, content, happy and competent and how you had gotten there. Take a moment for it.

Now try to truly and intensely feel the strength developing inside you in this particular situation. What feelings and physical sensations does that bring back? Visualize yourself in this situation – what do you look like in this situation when observed from the outside? What is your posture, your voice, and your facial expression? Let the image of this powerful situation have an effect on you for a moment; with all your senses experience how it feels to be so strong and competent: What do you smell, hear, see or taste in the process? When that image before your inner eye has become totally distinct try to find a symbol for this, your important strength that you can remember whenever you want. Take a little time.

Once you have found your very own personal strength symbol, take a few deep breaths, expand and stretch your body, at your own pace return with your senses into the Now and Here and slowly open your eyes. Now take a piece of paper or cardboard and paint the symbol you have chosen for your strength on it. Hang it in a spot where you can see it a few times every day – next to your bathroom mirror, on your wardrobe, next to your desk, on the refrigerator, wherever you want. It will remind you about this, your important capability every day, how to deal with life, with its help give you fortitude and strength to handle difficult situations!
P.S.: If you want to, you can of course also choose an object symbolizing your personal strength which you can carry around wherever you go. Some of my clients did so and are now treasuring a little figurine (e. g. a lion or a dolphin) in their pockets. Others chose to wear a pendant round their neck or their wrist. Just give your fancy full scope!