Career Guidance in a Global World

At iPersonic we believe that career guidance should be made available to everyone. A fulfilling career is the cornerstone of a fulfilled life. This is of course also true for developing countries. "Career guidance can perform a valuable role in raising the aspirations of the disadvantaged and individuals in poverty by making them aware of opportunities, and supporting them in securing entry to such opportunities.",  states a World Bank-commissioned report. Unfortunately resources are very limited in such countries. They need to prioritize their investments, and career guidance is not one of them. 

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That's why we at iPersonic are supporting social projects in developing countries by providing our career tools free of charge. Take for example this leadership development initiative in Swaziland, Africa. Here's the feedback from team leader Scott Berg:  "I suggested this was an experiment and that I had never before seen the personality test or the associated career profiles.  Almost all the students rated this a '10' out of '10' exercise and definitely recommended we use this with the next class of students next year. It was a joy to see their minds open up to more possibilities – to apply what they learned about themselves to their future vocation."

We are thrilled by the opportunities created by such projects. Are you working on a social project in a developing country? Feel free to contact us if you would like to use our iPersonic career tools.

Students of a leadership development initiative in Swaziland with their bound iPersonic career profiles in hand.

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