Independent Thinkers are analytical and witty persons. They are normally self-confident and do not let themselves get worked up by conflicts and criticism. They are very much aware of their own strengths and have no doubts about their abilities.

People of this personality type are often very successful in their career as they have both competence and purposefulness. Independent Thinkers are excellent strategists; logic, systematics and theoretical considerations are their world. They are eager for knowledge and always endeavor to expand and perfect their knowledge in any area which is interesting for them. Abstract thinking comes naturally to them; scientists and computer specialists are often of this type.

Independent Thinkers are specialists in their area. The development of their ideas and visions is important to them; they love being as flexible as possible and, ideally, of being able to work alone because they often find it a strain having to make their complex trains of thought understandable to other people. Independent Thinkers cannot stand routine. Once they consider an idea to be good it is difficult to make them give it up; they pursue the implementation of that idea obstinately and persistently, also in the face of external opposition.

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Independent Thinkers are not the type who easily comes out of his shell. Speaking about their emotional life is also not one of their strong points. Anyway, social relationships are not particularly important to them; they are happy with just a few, close friends who find it easy to share their intellectual world. They find it difficult to establish new ties. In love, they need a lot of space and independence but this does not mean that their partner is not important to them. Independent Thinkers often make a cool and reserved impression on others; but this impression is deceptive: they can hardly bear it if people close to them should reject them. They prefer a harmonious, balanced relationship with a partner who shares their interests and with whom they can realize their visions.

Adjectives that describe your type
introverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, independent, intellectual, self-confident, analytical, structured, dogged, witty, resolute, self-critical, visionary, inventive, independent, unsociable, reserved, nonconformist, quiet, visionary, honest, demanding, hardworking
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Like all Thinker types you tend to lean towards perfectionism and in the work place you are always striving for as much knowledge and expertise as possible. You are rarely or never satisfied with your accomplishments and that applies to yours as well as the achievements of others. Sometimes that makes it pretty difficult for your colleagues and subordinates to please you. Once you have privately tagged somebody with the label of incompetent, they will not have an easy time in your working environment. However, for those who manage to gain your respect with ability and intellect, you are an equally quick-witted as well as sagacious colleague who is ready to solve even the most difficult problems without apparent effort.

Hardly any other type is as interested in wielding power. However, the Thinker is less interested in wielding power over other people but rather considers controlling nature and his environment to be much more interesting. This is the main motivation for your continuous hunger - almost an obsession - for more information. Improving your capabilities and expanding the store of your knowledge and experience is your life’s main objective.

You are as hard on yourself and your own achievements as on others, and you put great pressure on yourself in your work environment. Sometimes you agonize over self-doubt thinking that you may not accomplish anything after all. Occasionally you stand in your own way obstructing your superior capabilities instead of being able to utilize them. In case it actually happens that you make a mistake, you mercilessly exercise self-criticism and double your efforts for perfection. Your coolness may occasionally appear to be arrogance, and that often deceives people around you about what really moves you.

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How your type should deal with stress

For the Independent Thinkers too many social contacts and intense companionship represent unadulterated stress. It overly stresses them when they don’t have sufficient time for themselves and must focus too much on others and at the same time keeps them from properly re-charging their batteries. Therefore particularly this personality type should always take care to reserve sufficient retreat- and quiet-time opportunities in his/her private- and professional life. Then relaxation happens almost on its own!

How your type should exercise

Independent Thinkers prefer to go against the mainstream and that also applies to sports. They don’t appreciate being subject to rules resulting in situations where a potential trainer is likely to get extremely frustrated with them: Before complying, they always need to know exactly why something must be done in a certain way and not differently. Independent Thinkers are not only very eager to learn and hungry for knowledge, they are also perfectionists as well as goal oriented, therefore even in sports they must sometimes still be admonished to exercise moderation. As a matter of fact, occasionally they tend to overdo it by demanding the impossible of themselves – something that will rather harm than benefit their bodies. As a counterweight to their generally very intellectual and akinetic primary interests Independent Thinkers occasionally have this intensive need to work off their energy to the absolute limit (or beyond it). Then they often tend to tackle strenuous and sometimes really risky physical activities such as climbing, hang gliding, canyon traversing, snowboarding or mountain biking - naturally everything preferably solo but enjoying them intensely prior to returning to their intellectual ivory tower. Some are also fascinated by sports that favor their capability for intensive concentration, tendency to focus and strategic thinking such as diving, golfing, shooting, etc.

How your type should care about nutrition

Independent Thinkers perceive physical needs like eating, drinking, fatigue or even pain a lot less intensely than many other personality types. Essentially they merely consider them to be unfortunate necessities each time representing an unwelcome disruption of their true (intellectual) interests. Consequently many of them hurriedly and thoughtlessly wolf their food down so they can return as quickly as possibly to that which they would rather do. That is not just unhealthy but also all too often causes them to resort to junk food or instant meals and that tends to be reflected on the scale. Beyond that Independent Thinkers have real difficulties to discard food they may have over-purchased, already prepared or have been given. In those cases they always have to think about the money they (or someone else) has already spent – and although they don’t like the taste or it potentially does not even agree with them, they just decide to eat it, anyway. The same obviously also applies in spades when they go out to eat – this type truly has a problem with leaving something on a plate in a restaurant! Since it has already been paid for, they bravely absorb the entire portion instead of stopping because they are sated. Independent Thinkers would really do well by treating themselves a little more consciously and carefully in this respect.

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